When it comes to branding our marquees, we have a range of different areas that we can print. From printing on a roof, on a wall, on a half wall or anywhere, we can do it all. Find out more information about these print areas by watching the videos below, or clicking through to their respective pages.

The Print Areas Explained

More About Print Areas


There are different parts of a marquee that can be branded and we overview these areas and explain their ideal use.

  • Canopy Panels – The triangles on the roof
  • Valances – The rectangles around the edges
  • Sidewalls – The sides of the marquee

Roof Print Packages

More About Roof Printing


We have a range of different print packages for the roofs from basic to complete roof prints.

  • At Attention – 1 x panel, 1 x valance
  • Four Valance – 0 x panels, 4 x valances
  • Brand Booster – 2 x panels, 4 x valances
  • Max Impact – whole roof

Sidewall Printing

More About Wall Printing


Branding sidewalls is also an effective method of advertising your business or organization.

  • Full wall printing
  • Half wall printing
  • Inside or outside printing
  • Double sided printing

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