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Canopy Outdoor is an Australian company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality marquees and marquee accessories. Ten years of listening to our customers, and continuous improvement on our products, has resulted in the marquees we sell today, and it shows.

We are not like other companies, who just find a supplier overseas, buy a container of stock and go for it. Our products are designed and developed by us, and sold exclusively by us. You won’t find what we sell being sold by others. These are not cheap mass produced marquees from China; these are the real thing. We lead our industry in innovation and our ideas are the ones most often copied by out competitors.

Our marquees are used by people who use them every single day, and they only come back after many years and buy more. This is the type of brand we are, these are the types of products we sell. We are professionals and our products are a reflection of that.

We’re Different – The Devil’s In the Detail

Buying online is hard, but buying marquees online is even harder. This isn’t a Sony DVD player where you know what you’re getting; all marquees are different. They all look the same, but the devil is in the detail.

The changes we make to our products from year to year are small, but they’re important. Probably, you wouldn’t even notice if you had two side by side. But it’s all about an extra bit of stitching here, and some extra reinforcement there, and a small change when required. These are the details that differentiate a marquee from a Canopy Outdoor Marquee.

So, you might look elsewhere, and find something else similar, but that’s where it ends, a similarity. Nothing compares to a Canopy Outdoor marquee, and no one cares more about making good marquees than we do. So, now the ball is in your court, what kind of marquee are you looking for?

Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates exactly how easy and how strong our marquees are and why we make the best marquees in Australia.

Canopy Outdoor where great, helplful, honest and nothign seemed too hard. Helped us with design and delivered exactly what we wanted on time to the other side of the country. The marquee arrived neat without any missing parts and was easy and quick to erect and presented our customers with the desired effect. It look bright, clean and professional Thank you Canopy Express, I will be happy to recommend you in the future.

Tahnee Forbes, Shire Of Boddington, WA

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After a long search for a competitive price for our budget (after receiving a Grant!) it was both the customer service and location of Canopy Outdoor that lead to me placing an order. Bec and the team were fantastic, listened to my needs and limitations and worked with me to produce a solution that worked.

Neil Taylor, Holy Fools Inc

Read the full review on our Google+ page.

From my initial inquiry to receiving the final product, Canopy Outdoor were very professional and so easy to deal with. The quality of our marquee was duly noted by all of our board members and we will be ordering more marquees from Canopy Outdoor to cater for the growth of our annual event. Thank you Bec for looking after us with your price, service and quality of product.

Rachael Sporn, Australian Melanoma Research Foundation

Read the full review on our Google+ page.

From the blog

Our blog can keep you updated with the latest design changes, newest products, and also show you some pretty cool marquees that we’ve made for people. Keep in touch, it would be nice.

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