Trafalgar Runners Printed Marquee

Trafalgar Runners Printed Marquee

Recently we supplied a printed marquee to a group called the Trafalgar Road Runners. We really like the printing of this marquee and as you can see, we were able to print this marquee with a very bright and interesting design. Because we digitally print we we were able to use as many colors as we wanted. We think this particular unit turned out really cool and wanted to share it with you. Basically, we really like making printed marquees that stand our from your basic color + logo design.
Max Impact

Printing Options

Additional to just printing the roof of the marquee, you can also brand the walls. Although not pictured in this photo, this particular marquee was sold with printed walls too. We have a range of solutions to print the roof and walls of the marquee, and can make any concept that you want to work happen. We can also have printed marquees made with special custom features or requests, so be sure to speak to us.

Printed Marquee Lead Time

We have amazing lead time when it comes to printed marquees. In fact, we can do it so quickly that we can normally have something delivered to any major city in Australia within about 7 days.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your printed marquee needs.