Tipi marquees are a quick and simple solution to shade. The reason they are called tipi marquees is because of their tipi-like shape. They are essentially a fabric that pegs into the ground and then is held up in the centre by a pole.

Tipi Marquee

Tipi Marquee Options

We have a range of different tipi marquees depending on the size you are after.

  • 10m Diameter, 5m height
    From $1,150
  • 12m Diameter, 6m height
    From $1,600
  • 14m Diameter, 6m height
    From $2,000
  • 16m Diameter, 6m height
    From $2,500

All Tipi Marquees are available in polyester or PVC fabric, branding options are available for all.

Brand Your Tipi Marquee

We offer branding services for our tipi marquees. This way, you can use this tent not only to provide shade and shelter, but as a great and effective way to brand your company/organization.

Our printing options mean that you can brand as little as just one single panel, or the entire tipi marquee. Just speak to us about your needs.

Tipi Marquee      Tipi Marquee      Tipi Marquee

Contact Us For A Quotation

Due to the nature of this product, it is best for you to contact us for some pricing and more information. You can send us an email via our contact us page, or call us on 1300 94 69 92.

We will produce a written quotation for you and send it right back. Remember, we reply to emails within 24 business hours, so if we’ve not returned your email in that time, be sure to call us!