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Sidewall printing options

Further to printing the tops of the marquees, you are also able to brand the sidewalls. The sidewalls have the option to brand either on the inside or outside. In fact, you can even brand both sides if that’s what you want.

Key points to consider are:

  • Print on the inside or outside, or both
  • Half height walls available
  • Very easy to read by all around


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Detailed Information Table

Inside Wall Print

Inside Wall Printing

Use the inside wall to display products or your company/organization logo.

Ideal For

  • Displaying products
  • Additional branding
  • Full color photo printing


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Outside Wall Print

Outside Wall Printing

Outside walls are easily visible from a distance and great for extra attention grabbing printing.

Ideal For

  • High impact external branding
  • Larger logos and contact details
  • Full color photo printing


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Half Wall Print

Half Wall Printing

Use half walls to enclose your marquee and turn it into a stall like display.

Ideal For

  • Covering the bottom half of tables
  • Closing the marquee in from unwanted entries
  • Additional branding exposure


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Additional to this, we can also make custom sidewalls to your specifications. For example, printed with a window, or printed with a door etc.