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Information on where you can print
We have a range of different pages with information about all aspects of printing our marquees. Please choose from the below options to find out more. Key points to consider are:
  • Different areas suit different applications
  • There is no limit to colors
  • Print the roof, walls, anywhere

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Detailed Comparison Table

Canopy Panels

Canopy Panel Print Area


  • Can be seen from a distance
  • Ideal for logo

Suggested Use

Canopy panels are great to print to get peoples attention from a distance. Because of the angle of the panel from up close, it can be difficult to read. As such, we suggest logos here.


Valances Print Area


  • Visible from far and close
  • Best for slogan/website/contacts

Suggested Use

The valance is the perfect area for text, websites, slogans etc. It is visible from both afar and close up.


Wall Print Area


  • Can be inside or outside print
  • Can even be double sided print

Suggested Use

Sidewalls are a useful printing area because they can be seen from a long distance, if printed on the outside, or can display product/service information if printed on the inside.

Half Walls

Half Wall Print Area


  • Inside or outside printing
  • Can also be double sided

Suggested Use

A half wall can be used on any side of the marquee. It will prevent people from seeing under tables etc. Generally we suggest you put similar information to valances, but with the extra space, fill it with images and photos.