Branded Marquee

Branded Marquee

I’m sure you already know the additional impact a branded marquee can have at a trade show / exhibition / event etc. Here at Canopy Outdoor we know the little tips and tricks as to what customers want, we’re talking about an easy to use product which is also reliable, functional and durable through any condition. Once you add some printing to the marquee you will definitely be leaps and bounds in front of other stall holders who are nearby.

Branded Marquee Printing Options

We can print on the roof, side wall (inside and outside or both) and half walls. If you’d like to know more of the options for printing on a branded marquee click through to our printing and branding page and feel free to watch the videos for an explanation of what’s possible. Our in house graphics designers can follow any branding guidelines or even start from scratch to make you branded marquee stand out.

Frame Options

The main difference in price between all of the branded marquees on the market is the frame strength. We sell three different strengths of frame, each of which can be used in different applications depending on the wind conditions. Keep in mind that the trade off for a light frame is strength, and the stronger the frame the heavier it will be.

If you’d like to know more about our options for a branded marquee then feel free to contact us.