Easy To Use!
Our marquees really are very easy to use.
Unprinted Marquees – Various sizes and strengths
We have sizes from 3x3m all the way through to huge 4x8m marquees.
Brand your gazebo to stand out!
Trust in us to deliver to your needs. We're certainly experienced.  
Bulk Orders – No Problem
We have the capacity to fulfil all your larger orders, in budget and most importantly, on time.
Plenty of stock for immediate dispatch
We have heaps of stock on hand at all times with a prompt delivery service Australia wide.

Folding Marquees

Our folding marquees are very easy to use and can be used by anyone; this makes them ideal for all applications. Check out all our available options.

Tipi Marquees

A different kind of marquee with the same impact, a tipi marquee is a unique and cool way to advertise yourself, while also providing shade & shelter.

Inflatable Marquees

Inflatable marquees are latest craze to hit the market, and it’s easy to see why. With any design, color and printing you want, find out more today.

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A folding marquee is the most simple and quick solution to providing instant shade. The frame is made in a constentina design so when the legs are drawn backwards, the marquee’s frame simply “pops up”.

Once the marquee’s frame is open to full size, the legs of the frame are extended up to the desired height. This means that with-in a matter of minutes, the marquee can be set up and ready to use.

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Here at Canopy Outdoor, we have a range of differnet products depending on your needs. The confusing thing about the products that we sell is that they go under so many different names. First of all, of course, you have canopies. This includes things like Canopy, Instant Canopy, Pop Up Canopy, Portable Canopy and Shade Canopy.

Then we have a more traditional name of marquees. Marquees range in applications such as Event Marquee, Heavy Duty Marquee, Pop Up Marquee, Marquee Melbourne, Marquee Perth, Marquee Tent, Marquees For Sale and Outdoor Marquee.

But finally, the products are also known as tents and gazebos, so overall everything can seem a little confusing. The styles range from Pop Up Tent, Pop Up Tents, Portable Gazebos, Shade Tent, Pit Tent, Pop Up Gazebo, Folding Gazebo, Gazebo Tents.